~Love provokes change.

Show up

Show up

‘Show up for yourself’
To show up means, saying no to others. It is about creating and increasing the ‘Yes’ moments in our lives. When I show up for me, there is laughter, smiling, dancing. I’m creating happy moments in my life.

I exert a lot of time and energy supporting friends, colleagues and family members. It is great to support others, but what about me? Sometimes when it is time for me to exercise or rest, I’m a no-show.

I don’t always show up for myself.

I don’t always support myself.

I know that I desire to lose weight. I’m 5’2, voluptuous and…overweight (I am finally discussing my weight). This a side conversation usually reserved for close friends and here we are discussing it. It is the elephant in the room peeking at me. I’m ready! I think, to at least write about it.

The doctor constantly tells me to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I tend to start the process but somewhere I lose focus, have you seen my focus?

I get stuck.

I forget my goals even though they are posted on the fridge.

I forget to show up for myself.

I am caught in this deceitful enticement of candy bars, ice cream, cake etc. My body lies and desires sweet treats, that are undeniably good but, they are bad for me. I will have a sugar crash in 5,4,3… You understand, right?

I want to end the vicious cycle of the destructive disease that silently kills so many people, especially people that look like me. It starts with me! It starts with you.

Contrary to popular belief, 80% of the time, I eat healthy. I exercise three days a week at the YMCA, but I’m still out of breath walking up the stairs. I’m praying for a breakthrough in my life as I type this post. Are you praying with me?

Being a single mom is rewarding but exhausting.

Unless you are a single parent you will never be able to relate to my situation. Diabetics and high blood pressure run in my family. According, to the American Diabetes Association “1.5 million people are diagnosed with diabetes yearly.” I have been pre-diagnosed which means, I have the capability to change my story, yet, my body craves sugar and…I often comply.

Today, I am starting over again. Forgiving myself for past failures and for abusing my beautiful body.

Today, I renew my mind and begin again.
Today, I make a conscious decision to show up for myself and I refuse to feel guilty about saying no.

Good-bye, guilt and shame! My health is worth it and so is yours.

Show up for YOU, that’s what I am determined to do.


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