~Love provokes change.



What is wanderlust? It is a deep desire to travel. I love to travel! It is enjoyable to explore new places. It is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and people. Of course, we can always find a meaningful way to educate ourselves about history. This deep longing for travel surfaced out of the blue. Within the last years, I had a strong desire to travel. I could not shake it.

After interviewing several family members, I realize the travel seed had been planted. You see, many of my family members had paved the way by traveling for work and visiting family residing in the North. After interviewing several family members, I learned my grandfather David traveled from South Carolina to Florida to work. He was a construction worker. My grandmother Ella Bell traveled with my oldest sister. They often traveled from South Carolina to Philadelphia. My grandparents had thirteen children. Yes, you read correctly. Many of my aunts migrated to the North to find better jobs, better education opportunities, however; I still have family residing in South Carolina.

My favorite television show is HGTV International. I am often encouraged watching this television show. It is a guilty pleasure of mines. I am not a television fanatic but you will catch me watching HGTV. I love how people are not afraid to leave their comfort zones and move across the world for a job, school or a better quality of life. Stay tuned, for future adventures!


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