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Breathe on you~ Poem

Breathe on you~ Poem

Let me breathe on you
Your goals and plans
I will cause your story to unfold
Let me birth new ideas for I am the giver and sustainer of life
I can resurrect what the enemy stole
Can I breathe on you?
Will you allow me too?
May I move you from glory to glory with my spirit
I produce fresh winds and grant you innovate thoughts
I want to make you a glory carrier. May I breathe on you?
As the winds blow and the trees sway
I want to breathe new life on thee

Let me breathe on you
My breath causes men to receive hope and an abundance of love
May I breathe on you for I come to set the captives free.
I can take the gloomy look away. Let me breathe on you.
Where worry and fear are cast in the sea no longer to appear.
My breathe cause light to burst forth and flowers to bloom

I produce fruit and multiply my goodness in you. Let me breathe on you where you proclaim everywhere
How excellent is our God
I am bring healing, deliverance with my breath.
Inhale, exhale
Inhale, exhale
Now Release
Explore the vastness of my breath
Your heart allows my word to consume it
Your heart +my word=consumption of my spirit
I need to breathe on you to restore, reignite and refresh you.


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