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Life hacks from a single mom

Life hacks from a single mom

My blogs have been so serious lately. I wanted to lighten the mood with a fun and truthful post. Life as a single mom is serious business. Why? Because I am the only parent. I am responsible for everything from paying the bills to _______________(just fill in the blank). I probably am responsible for it. I’m not complaining just telling my story. Every single mom knows there is no time to become sick because there is no other parent. ? You are it! Here are my life hacks on single parenting.

❤️️ Thou shalt accept hand-me-downs- Hand me downs are clothes that have been previously worn. I have been blessed to receive nice boy clothes from friends, single moms, and strangers. Yes, you read correctly. I was browsing in TJ Maxx and a stranger stopped me in the aisle to ask if I need any boy clothes. She had boxes in her truck. I graciously followed her out the store. I don’t have any shame in my game. We will recycle clothes. I also Elijah’s old clothes to friends or to one of my favorite local agencies Welcome Baby!

?Thou shalt limit technology-My son has a daily limit of 30 minutes on the computer or the television. He doesn’t get to select both. Many years ago, I read an article that Steve Jobs (the founder of the iPod, iPad, etc) limited his children’s access to technology. After reading the article, I decided if his children are not using these products he created then I will limit Elijah’s access. Instead, Jobs encouraged his children to read. Elijah is an avid reader. His entertainment is a book, not television. Our children are brilliant but we must rear them. Books encourage creativity and imagination. https://theunboundedspirit.com/why-steve-jobs-didnt-let-his-kids-use-ipads/

?Thou shalt shop at Goodwill & Kid’s consignment sales-I rarely purchase new clothes for Elijah or Dorian. Children grow quickly and it is a waste of money. I’m a fashionable person so I know what to look for while shopping. I shop at Goodwill’s and Kid’s consignment shops and on clearance at department stores. Which brings me to my next point.

?Thou shalt shop out of season and online-Online shopping is a single mom best friend. Avoid the long lines and traffic at the mall. Yes, thank you! I prefer to shop online. I am given more options and I probably can use an online coupon at the Children’s Place, Old Navy & Target. I go directly to the clearance/sale tab. I can select my items, use a coupon and select where I want my clothes shipped too. Win-Win! Purchase clothes out of season. This is a great time to purchase shorts for next year. Never pay full price for clothes.

?Thou shalt not buy Jordans or any other expensive tennis shoes-Honestly, I have never understood why people would spend over $100.00 for a pair of tennis shoes. However, everyone is different. If you can afford to buy Jordans or Christian Louboutin shoes feel free to do so but for my household, my children shall wear generic brand tennis shoes. My son is content wearing his tennis shoes from Target. They are durable. Onward!

?Thou shalt use coupons-I mentioned this earlier but it is something about saving money that makes me excited. I love a good deal. I believe I’m anointed to shop! Woohoo! I rarely purchase food with coupons but I use coupons for personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, razors etc. Downloading your favorite grocery store app can save you time and money. Many of the coupons are embedded in the app. It does pay to take a moment to search the items you are purchasing prior to going to the checkout line. For example, I was shopping at Kroger recently and saw pampers in a clearance basket for 3.97. I went to the Kroger app and searched for pampers and found a 3.00 coupon. How much did I pay for the diapers? .97 Well worth it. I’m not pregnant nor do I plan on having any more children but we all know someone that is pregnant or plan on having more children. Someone is going to invite you to a baby shower sooner or later why not have diapers for .97. LOL

?Thou shalt make affirmation with your child-Affirmation are excellent ways to declare the word of God with your children. I affirm my child each morning. They have to repeat the promises of God with me. If I don’t affirm my children please believe the world will try to give them an identity. Not happening on my watch! I remind Elijah and Dorian they have a purpose. Their identity is in Christ alone. We live by a different standard from the world. We are unique and they must follow my household rules. Enough said!

?Thou shalt listen-Listen to your children. Technology is designed to keep us busy. It is essential we take the time to listen to our children. Ask questions, focus on the information they are giving you. Encourage them, pray with them, redirect them, love them. They will reveal the issues of their heart. Respond accordingly.

?Thou shalt not bash the non-custodial parent- No negative talk about the other parent. I know! Don’t waste your time or energy. It is immature. Focus on your child. Communicate with the other parent and keep being a fabulous parent. I have learned to smile, pray and hold my peace. Silence is powerful! I’ve seen God bring powerful, prideful, hateful men down to their knees. I don’t force relationship. I’m not a fake person.I believe God is faithful and will take care of me & my family. Regardless! (Point blank). I will never deny my children the opportunity to talk or hang out with their father.


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