~Love provokes change.

By faith~poem

By faith~poem

Faith is the ability to believe and trust in the invisible
Our hope rests in God
Faith is putting in the work to accomplish the vision
God whispers while we are in prayer

Faith is alive
It encourages and inspires
We can speak to the mountains and they will move because our faith is in God
He created the peaks and valleys
Faith assures us that God exists
It is the total sum that, Jesus lived and walked on the earth
By faith we move, trusting the author and finisher to complete our story
He knows the ending from the beginning
The beginning to the ending
He is the author of our transformation

Victory is experienced and accomplished through the eyes of faith
Because without faith it is impossible to please the Father
We understand that God existed before the universe was formed
The two are not synonymous
Because the Bible declares, he framed the universe with his words
The invisible is now visible because of God’s commandment

Faith produces and yields a harvest of pleasurable fruit
It is a great reward because, the One who makes the promises is faithful
Faith bows to the truth
It recognizes that truth sets us apart
We are free to explore and to dive into the depths and vastness of creativity
Just like sprinkling art on a blank canvas
We Soar by faith
Spiritual ascending
Let faith arise and every thought of doubt be cast into the sea of forgetfulness

Fear is set ablaze by the flames of faith
It recognizes how powerful we are because we resemble our father
Without faith, it is impossible to please Him
Our possibilities are limitless when we view it through the eyes of faith


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