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Back from my hiatus

Back from my hiatus

Distractions cause delays. I’ve been Missing in Action (M.I.A.) on my own blog. Life has a way of causing us to spend too much time on insignificant tasks and less time on the essential tasks. I am sure you can agree with me. We decide to check one more post on social media and realize an hour has passed us by. We haven’t accomplished our task. It is now time to cook dinner, fold up clothes, wash dishes, assist the children to bed, and attend the holiday party planning conference call in thirty minutes. Whew, just writing that made me tired.

Distractions easily turn into procrastination. Eventually, we lose our momentum and desire to work on our projects. They begin to subside in our minds. It is important to carve out time to write doggone Placedia! Paper to the pen, pen to paper, letters clicking from my keyboard. How do we say no to distractions?

1).Carve out time-Create time to write, create, think, read. Whatever it is that you love. Make time for it. Don’t allow it to be like an unscheduled blind date. Schedule time to think, read, and learn. Read provoking articles or information to create a broader awareness about life.

2).Limit social media time-I love social media. It allows us to connect with old friends, colleagues, family, neighbors. It is a greater sense of community. Use social media tools such as Hootsuite or Zoho to schedule a post for all of your social media accounts. The less time we spend on social media, the more time we have to complete our own projects. If you have a business that requires you to use social media, create a schedule to check post/make comments or add additional admins to your business page.

3).Collaborate-I understand this is everyone’s new favorite word. Collaboration can create new memories and business opportunities. Collaboration is a great way to incorporate consistency and accountability. Create deadlines when working on projects and stick to them.

4).Turn the television off-I am not a big T.V. watcher but I occasionally like to binge watch television. It can be difficult to turn the T.V. off in the middle of watching, The Property Brothers. Hey, I feel your pain! I love Drew and Scott but they are making their money, do I need to say anything else? If you have no idea who Drew & Scott are, feel free to substitute your favorite television actors in the sentence. Watching television=no productivity for me.

5).Start over-So, you got distracted, well there is “no better time than the present.” There is no shame in starting over. Start again, dance again, laugh again, love again. Don’t allow distractions to consume your thoughts. If you are given a new day, you are given a new opportunity. Forgive yourself and keep pushing forward. This is our winning season! Let’s go! Seize the moment!


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