~Love provokes change.

Single Parenting

Single parenting is complicated! Everyone’s situation is different. I am a single parent due to my choices! I have learned we can make plans but it doesn’t mean our plans are going to work out the way we envision them in our minds. I love my children and I take responsibility for them. I teach, correct, love, encourage, hug, kiss and pray for them. I remind Dorian & Elijah to keep God first and to honor him. Single parents need a team of people to assist them with child rearing. Growing up, I was surrounded by family and neighbors who cared. Our neighbors knew our names. They were extended family. Our society has changed so much. I speak to my neighbors but I don’t know everyone’s name in my community. We reside in an enormous subdivision but we are still isolated.

Parenting is not a light task nor should it be taken lightly. It is important to have family and close friends to call on to assist when you need a moment to rest to relax. I’m all for calling for help. I’m not a superwoman nor do I wish to be labeled as one! I’m a wise woman!

If you are a single parent then I encourage you to identify the people in your circle who don’t mind helping you. Parenting isn’t for everyone so it is important to respect the people who are not interested in supporting. My sister is my babysitter. She is the reason I am able to travel for work and attend social gathering without my son. Do you have a team of people to assist you as a single parent? If so, give them a shout out.